I’m lucky enough to have made my passion my career: creating. I specialize in stories of all kinds: design, video, and content. I am a storyteller. From brand development to content marketing to design – I make ideas a reality and find the best way to tell stories. While I am known for being a creative force, I also understand the value of having an ROI behind brand and content marketing initiatives. It isn’t enough to have a kick-ass logo or dedicated social media following. You have to have the data to show what value those assets bring to your company. I’m no data expert, but I am that rare kind of creative who isn’t afraid of spreadsheets and KPIs. I’ve helped develop brands with reaches in the hundreds of thousands. My designs are worn by nearly a million people. I am an artist at heart, but have a wicked sense of marketing, business and brand. I help find the vision, and I give it life.